About Dream Weavers

Dream Weavers is a curated film series consisting of screenings and scholarly lectures that explore the lives, careers, and contributions of Native Americans working in the American film industry during the silent era (approximately 1900-1930). Through a close examination of a few select individuals and their work, audiences will gain an understanding of the challenges faced by these film pioneers in gaining representation on screen and  opportunities off screen.

Dream Weavers consists of five events:
Program 1:  Directing History: The Short Films of James Young Deer
Program 2:  Red Wing: The First Native American Movie Star
Program 3:  Edwin Carewe’s Ramona
Program 4:  Standing Up and Speaking Out: Native American Activism in Early  Hollywood
Program 5:  A Window to the West: The Daughter of Dawn

To learn more about each program, click on the links above to explore their individual webpages!

[Photograph of actor/cinematographer Ray Mala with camera, 1929]

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